Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Semester 6 Story

Like what I wrote in past post, I said that I wanna share my semester 6 story, so here are the story.. Okay for semester 6 I'm only take two subject that are PCM & BC.. Like the other semester I'm taking the same class with Hudha..

In PCM class nothing much special things happened. But I gotta chance to get more closer with a lot friends.. Myra , Ieza , Malik , Zul.. So fun get know them n spent some time with them. Bleh giler.

Here are they from left : Myra , Ieza & me

Myself & Zul(peace)

Malik & me

I think that all from PCM class. For BC, I had so much fun n get to do new things n had a new friend.. hehehe.. In BC class our lecturer is Sir Bad. In the class we always laugh n talk about gossip but sometimes we learn about BC chapters. We also have to divide among the classmates into 3 groups.. So here are my group members together with Sir Bad.

So we are EcoBuzz Light Staff. :)
Consists of : Abu, Lina, Aisyah, Hafiz, Azrull, Zul, Sutra, Huda, Sabrina & me..

Seriously best gler satu group dgn dyeorg nie.. Mcm2 perangai ade..Dari start class until the end of Bc class always dgn dyeorg.. Mcm2 kteorg buat sperti Mock Meeting, Presentation, Mock Interview & others. Klau nk crite pnjg, so tgk gmbr n video je la ye ;)

While presentation, just have video of  us singing our company song

After presentation with Sir Bad

Me & 4 male staff :)
From left : Abu, Zul, me, Azrull, Hafiz

Mock Meeting

BC Party

Heheheheheh had so much fun..

And thanx to Ina, Bie & Fatimah that always spent time together with me.. Most of the time we go lunch together.. To Ina : Thanks 4 everything : You know what I mean ;)

And also special thanks to Hudha, I donno why but she always with me since semester 1 until now, helping me with subject that I don't understand, always there to hear my story and have a girl talk and I'm glad having her as my bestfriend.. :) Love you Hudha..

Love all of you.. :) Saranghae

Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Dinner

After a long time, we finally had family dinner together at KDRP. Evryone was there except Aunty Yan, Mak Ani, Uncle Zul family.. Seriously kecoh but fun.. hehehe.. Pergi ramai2, then order makanan.. Ble mkanan smpai kne tnye dlu sape punye.. hahahaha Here are some photo.. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy.. Maybe :)

Rite now I'm currently in my final exam week of semester 6.. Last paper on upcoming Tuesday, PCM paper.. Am I ready ?? Maybe 50% hehehehe .. :) I'm also busy packing all my stuff in my room n in my house because we're getting ready to move into a new house.. Maybe by the end of June or in a middle of July,I'm not sure !! Kind of tired, packing.. put it in a car.. sent it to new house.. pick it up.. unpack it.. so much things to do,luckily this semester I'm just taking 2 subject that is Business Communication & PCM so I don't have to worry so much.. So I can help my parent to move all boxes to the new house while my little brother and sister are at school because they are disturbing all the work.. hehehe well little kids.. ;) Wish me a good luck for my last paper for semester 6 and wait for semester 6 story after I finish my last paper.. Bye2 :) Have a great day..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Semester 5

Sorry sgt2 lme x update blog nie, sbbnye malas n busy but mostly malas .. Semester 5, a lot of things happened..Sorry I can't remember much n I don't want to remember.. But there is two things that I'm going to remember the most in semester 5 is my pointer & GH 4.4.12.. This two things happened at the end of semester..

For the first time I didn't pass a subject in my course.. Sad really really really sad.. Crying and keep crying.. But thanks to my parent & lecturer, they keep supporting me.. Also to my friends, make me smile n give support to me(still sad when think about it).. Of course my pointer drop a little bit bcoz of this.. 

Second is about GH 4.4.12.. At the end of semester 5(semester break),we go Genting Highland and spent our holiday there for one day.. It was fun when we were there n play a lot of things.. Wanna see the picture ?? You guys can see it at my facebook.. 

p/s : That all I wanna say.. Sorry for my bad english + rojak.. hehehe.. Bye :)

This song = my feeling ... Shinhwa - Hurt

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Semester 4 is Bad !!!!

Sorry 4 not update my blog..
I'm a little bit busy n lazy..
This semester I've already received more than 1 Love Letter a.k.a Warning Letter
It is bcoz I didn't give my excuse lettert to my lecture..
Hahaha my friend keep babbling to me bcoz of that..
Yea I know..
Btw thanx to them bcoz always encourage me to come to class n not get barred..
That why I LOVE them so much..
& I'm lucky to be friend with them

Yellow : Huda the chubby
Black & White : Hanan Rock Scissor Paper
Brown : Ina the Ice Skating
Purple : Sofia Opocot !!! hahaha
Blue : Me :)

Because I Miss You..

Always under exactly the same sky, always exactly the same day
Other than your not being here, there’s nothing different at all
I just want to smile, want to forget everything
Just like absolutely nothing has happened, smiling to live my days
Miss you, miss you so much, because I miss you so much
Everyday all by myself, calling and calling you
Want to see you, want to see you, because I want to see you so much
Now it’s like I have this habit, keep calling out your name
It’s the same today
I thought I’d let go, not leaving anything behind
No, no, now I still can’t let you go
Miss you, miss you so much, because I miss you so much
Everyday all by myself, calling and calling you
Want to see you, want to see you, because I want to see you so much
Now it’s like I have this habit, keep calling out your name
It’s the same today
Everyday, everyday, it feels like I’m gonna die, what should I do?
Love you, love you, I love you
I hadn’t even spoken the words, I just let you go
Sorry, sorry, do you hear my words
My late confession, can you hear it
I love you

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Break Fast Again !!

Kali ketiga berbuka puase dgn kwn2 college..
But kali nie agak berbeza skit sbb kali nie berbuka kt kdai mak huda..
Akhirnye setelah 3-4 sem mnuggu saat2 nie..
Nina brtolak dr umah pkul 5 p.m n smpai kolej about 5.30 then tggu ina arrive dlm 5.50..
Trus plan ambik Kak Ain(dgn berbaju kurgnye)hehehe then ambik Sofia(wah the other side of sofia)hehehe
Bergerak ke Selayg mencari kdai Huda n arrived at 6.20 p.m.. So early bak kta Ina..
Hanan x dpt ikut sunyi skit dlm kete..
But when we arrived there,Huda was not there(pegi bli brg)
x p x lme pn dlm 10 minit after that Huda muncul dgn kete(bwh pergh laju)
Then start order mknan n minuman and then berborak while tggu mknan smpai but Kak Ain n Sofia khusyuk tgk cartoon join adik Huda skali..
While mkn Kak Ain kta nk singgah Slyg Mall nk bli smething.
Both of them(kak ain n ina) ask me to stay at their house so that we can spent out a little bit longer
but as u know I can't.. hehehe sorry my by next time ye..
Then change the plan again,Kak Ain wanna eat ice cream at Tutti Frutti..
Smua org ok je psal nk mkn ice cream but first Kak ain nk tgk bju so out of no where
tibe2 tringin nk ajak Hanan.. Call Hanan and she say ok..
So while waiting Hanan to come down and Kak Ain to change,
me, Ina & Sofia chit chat about smething then joined by Hanan n lastly by Kak Ain..
Ape yg kteorg chit chat hnya kami shaja yg thu.. hehehehe Huda myb dpt teka kot..
So finally smpai kt Tutti Frutti..

 time bru smpai, rmai sgt org x p nsib ade tmpat..

Hanan punye..

Kak Ain punye(lain dr kami smua)

Sofia punye..

Nina & Ina punye..(simple je sbb nk rse ice cream je)

Nina bz time nie.. Ina buli Nina.. hehehe

Actually byk gmbar tme mkn ice cream x p tiem kt kdai Huda x ade pn..
Sem 4 nie bru rase rpat sgt between 6 of us.. Myb sbb sme class n kerap jmpe n go out 2gether..
Btw thanx alot 2 Ina yg slalu je agree ble nina ajak kuar..
Thanx 2 yg lain 2 sbb kuar sme2 n other things..
Thanx sgt2.. ;)

p/s : Huda kne buli time kt kdai.. Ina dlm kete.. hahahaha klakar sgt..
maaf Huda.. hehehehe.. maaf english x brape btul.. ;)